California State University Fullerton

Graduate Research Assistants, Spring 2020

Christian Castillo
Christian is a MA student in the Department of American Studies at California State University, Fullerton. They are interested in queer studies, gender and sex.

Laura Fauvor
Laura Fauvor is currently a M.A. student of the American Studies at California State University, Fullerton. She received her B.A. in History and American Studies from California State University, Long Beach and her A.A. in Liberal Arts and Behavioral Sciences from De Anza College. Her research interests include race, gender, institutions and ideals, public memory, digital culture and technology. In addition, part of her academic career goals include fostering community amongst students and faculty as she currently serves as the Co-Editor in Chief of the American Papers and the Publicity Chair of the American Studies Student Association.

Giulia Oprea
Giulia Oprea is a second-year American Studies graduate student. They completed their undergraduate work at Cal State Fullerton and received their BA in American Studies. They received their AA in Political Science at Santiago Canyon College, which primed their critical approach to American culture and history. Giulia’s work is concerned with state power, mainly focusing on a critical approach to institutions of social control like police and prisons, which they examine through an abolitionist, post-colonial, and anti-capitalist lens. They hope to pursue this avenue of research in a PhD program and develop critical theory on the matter.

Sierra Rivera
Sierra is a MA student in the Dept of American Studies at Cal State Fullerton and is interested in the cultural politics of children and fetuses.

## Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women's Leadership School Interns, 2019-2020
Morgan Glover

Susana Garcia
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